Learn the same professional game art skills used by professional artists to create the most memorable artistic visions in gaming. 

Prepare yourself now for to be ready to use popular 2D art tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign today by mastering the same art skills you'll be using in the industry.

Students start by learning the fundamentals of 2D game art using pencil and paper and progress through a series of challenges until they are using digital drawing tablets and professional open-source programs like Krita. Students can take this class multiple times to further progress their art skills with more advanced challenges.

A multitude of art styles are discussed, and students will know which to choose in order to elicit an emotional response for any given game design. These skills help the student direct others to create a unified art style when working with teams.

For their final challenge, we replicate the real world by splitting students into teams and assigning them a game design to create an art style for.



Students that want to learn how draw and think as a professional 2D game artist.

The Student Will

  • Either learn to draw or advance their drawing ability

  • Learn to choose an art style for any given game design

  • Design their art to elicit an emotional response

  • Team up with others and create an art style from scratch



Students work together and take on various game industry roles such as Art Director, Technical Artist, Concept Artist, Environment Artist, and Character Artist to create a presentation on the art style for an assigned game design, which is evaluated by a panel of judges on various merits such as design accuracy, excellence in artistry, and uniqueness.

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