Learn the same professional 3D art skills our development educators used to recreate the International Space Station for NASA simulations.

Prepare yourself now for to be ready to use popular 3D modeling tools like Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, and Blender today by mastering the same 3D art skills you'll be using in the industry.

Students start by learning the basics of 3D character modeling by creating basic shapes in Blender, the open source industry standard for creating professional 3D assets in games and movies.

Through a series of challenges students level up their modeling skills until the point where they are able to recreate characters from famous games.

Students can take this class multiple times to further progress their 3D art skills with more advanced challenges.

For their final challenge, students are tasked with creating a 3D monster based on the design ideas of the Pokemon franchise.



Students that want to learn how create 3D characters used in games and film.

The Student Will

  • Either learn to 3D model or advance their artistic ability

  • Learn the fundamentals of 3D modeling in Blender

  • Break down images into the polygons for 3D modeling

  • Create a 3D model of a pokemon-like character



Students are tasked with choosing a portable monster and recreating it in 3D using Blender. Students will make a choice on which monster to create based on a number of fan-made Pokemon by Level Up Academy's resident 2D character artists.

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