Level Up Academy's classic game jam is a one week long intensive program where students form teams and make games based on the most popular pitches voted on by the students.

This classic game jam is focused on creating a 2D game, similar to classic Mario, Zelda, Sonic, or Mega Man games made famous during the golden era of video games in the 80's, 90's, and 00's. Teams without strong technical skills are recommended to design games or levels within existing level editors, otherwise students are free to choose their own game engine to build their game off of.

Each day of the jam is split into three parts, with the first featuring a two hour jam session, then a break for lunch at Lake Eola and time to relax and play games in our recreation room, and then another jam period before the day ends. And with early drop-off and late pickup options available for a nominal fee during enrollment.


August 5th - 9th


Students have this first day to come up with a pitch for a game design idea and form a team with their fellow students. You'll be provided with design challenges to help you get started or you can come to pitch day with your own idea.

The class will vote on which ideas they like best, and the ones with the most votes will form teams and spend the second half of the day designing their dream game.


For the second day teams work on prototyping their main mechanic and art assets. The goal of the day is to find your games "fun", and to test out the different ways you could achieve that.


Production day places a focus on creating the levels and majority of assets you'll feature in your game. This is the day where your game really comes together. Be sure to get feedback from the other student teams and the development educators to get outside opinions on how your game is playing.


Polish day is the last day of the classic game jam where you'll get an opportunity to work on your game. Make sure to work out whatever bugs your game has and be ready to present the next day.

The last day of the classic game jam is a celebration of all of the hard work your team has done. Present your games, vote on your favorites, and enjoy a party as a game developer now that you've released your first product!


Level Up Academy does not allow food or drink in our classrooms in order to protect the sensitive equipment. Instead we have a recreation room available for student to eat, drink, and relax in that is right next to the classroom.

During lunch and recreation time students take a break from their studies to go on a supervised walk through beautiful Lake Eola, located across from the Orlando Game Space.

Our assistants will help your student order food ala-carte from local resturaunts at your expense, or you can choose to bring your own meals and store them in the recreation room fridge.

Water is always available, with Lemonade and Unsweetened Ice Tea available during summer camps, along with an assortment of snacks.


For an additional $60 students are able to access the Level Up Academy facilities located at the Orlando Game Space for early drop-off from 7:30am - 9am and are able to stay for late pickup from 4pm - 6pm. Select extended care while enrolling to add on this option.

Students can choose to either continue their studies in the Level Up Academy classroom or instead relax in our recreation room and play games or watch TV until class starts or they are picked up.