Learn the same skills our development educators used to walk into a board room with NASA and leave with multiple fully funded virtual reality projects for the Kennedy Space Center theme park.

Develop the know-how to design a game that will leave investors fighting each other for the chance to fund your ideas. Whether your a seasoned veteran or this is your first time creating a game design pitch, you'll learn what it takes to make your game design dream a reality.

Students are first taught a series of techniques to make them think creatively. Afterwards you will face a series of design challenges engineered to make you look at the world the same way a professional designer would. Lastly you'll compete with other students to have your dream idea funded by a simulated board of directors.



Students that want to learn how to communicate and sell their ideas to others effectively.

The Student Will

  • Derive creative solutions to problems using constraints

  • Fix real projects by designing corrections to their flaws

  • Create their own game design to pitch to other students

  • Pitch their ideas to others to gain their support

  • Recognize when an idea is worth pursuing or skipping.



Students will design their dream game and pitch it to the rest of the class in order to gain their support during a Vertical Slice Cut Round. Some ideas will not make it past this round, and students learn how to move on past this and work together to improve the remaining ideas before pitching their final presentation to a board of directors.

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