Learn the same professional programming skills our development educators used when helping NASA to create virtual reality simulations for their most famous spacecraft.

Prepare yourself now for to be ready to use popular game engine tools like Unreal 4, Unity3D, and PlayCanvas today by mastering the same programming skills you'll be using in the industry.

Our veteran game programmers will help guide you on your journey to becoming a programmer by providing a series of lessons that break down key concepts in a digestible fun way.

In addition students test their skills out using CodeCombat, a programming environment that makes learning as easy as playing a video game. This reduces the barrier for entry and helps internalization of key programming concepts taught by the development educator each class.

Within our learning system students progress through a series of programming challenges at their own pace, which means they can continue ahead of the class or revisit concepts that are giving them trouble with the aid of development educator. Students can take this class multiple times to pick up as many programming skills as they would like, and our learning system will adapt to their skill level.

For their final challenge, students build an artificial intelligence to compete in a tournament of video game challenges against the other students. The winner will go on to have their AI compete against the artificial intelligence of previous students.



Students that want to learn how to program professionally using a fun game education system.

The Student Will

  • Learn or enhance their knowledge of game programming

  • Design creative solutions to programming problems

  • Work at their own pace to enhance their knowledge

  • Work with others to solve complex issues

  • Create AI to compete in video game challenges



Students will use the programming skills they've learned to create an artificial intelligence to compete in a series of challenges against other students. The winning AI will then be further enhanced by the entire class and sent to compete in video game challenges against the AI of previous classes.

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