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Please read the frequently asked questions section of the website before filling out the form.
The FAQ section is also the enrollment terms that you are agreeing to upon submitting this form.


Level Up Academy has spent years forging connection and a pathway for your student to become a professional game developer.

We call these opportunities and advantages,


Power-Up Skills

There is no better way to learn than from the pros. Level Up Academy's board is run by game industry leaders, with a curriculum designed to teach you the skills that will have the highest impact on your ability to join the video game industry


Power-Up Game Jams

Level Up Academy alumni are invited to these game development challenge events. Bump elbows with game industry veterans and work with game developers, doctors and literally rocket scientists as you create a game from scratch in just 48 hours.


Power-Up Events

Level Up Academy's partnership with Indienomicon gives alumni access to Orlando's premier game developer community events. These casual meet and greets give you a relaxed way to become friends with the industries talented game developers. Meet new friends, playlets upcoming projects and make potential business connections at the same time.


Power-Up University

As an alumni, you will have a leg up on your competition when enrolling in to some of the most prestigious game development universities. Prepare for the next level of your education now by learning to make your own games with our comprehensive curriculum.


Power-Up Studios

Level Up Academy is taught by the developers of local video game development studios. Proving yourself as a game developer at Level Up Academy means you're far more likely to be considered for a job thanks to your pre-existing connection to local veterans.


Power-Up Careers

Game developers frequently work with companies outside of the game industry. The same skills you'll use to make the next great video game are also in-demand at the worlds top space, tech, automotive, simulation, health, and theme park companies.


Power-Up Coworking

Level Up Academy's connection to the Orlando Game Space means a fast track for alumni to get a seat at the best place to work for game developers. Working as a professional a few steps away from other developers is the best and most fun way to collaborate and spark new business opportunities.

Board Members


Level Up Your School

Level Up Academy is partnered with select schools to bring our curriculum to your campus. This allows for more students to participate in Level Up Academy and provide our partner schools with our full curriculum.

If you would like to bring Level Up Academy to your school,
let us know by clicking the button below and filling out the form.


Level Up Academy is an
after-school and summer camp program teaching professional game development to middle and high school students.

Level Up Academy is located inside the Orlando Game Space, located near Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando, Florida.

Since opening, Award winning game developers have been educating students in the same skills they have used to pitch and fully produce experiences for clients such as NASA, Carnival Cruise Lines, Florida Lottery, and Kennedy Space Center.

Level Up Academy's classroom seats 16 students per session to maximize one-on-one time between the development educator and students while allowing team exercises. Each student has full access to our on-site equipment needed for their education as part of the cost of the program.

The skills taught at Level Up Academy lead to careers in video game, simulation, health care, tourism, and theme park industries. As well as preparing students for bachelors and masters degrees in the interactive entertainment industry, which averages a
$50k - $127k salary for professionals depending on experience and job type.


Contact email

Accepted Age Range

Middle School   6th-8th Grade
High School      9th-12th Grade 

After-School Hours

Mon-Fri 3:30p–5:30p

Summer Camp Hours

Mon-Fri 9:00a-4:00p
Early Drop-off & Late Pickup Available

Parent’s Night Out Hours

Every 3rd Friday of the month


Orlando Game Space
421 East Robinson Street Orlando Florida 32801


+ What time is after-school care?

3:30pm - 5:30pm EST

+ What time is summer camp?

9:00am - 4:00pm EST

Early drop-off available from 7:30am-9:00am

Late pick-up available from 4:00-6:00pm

Summer camp has extended care options for early drop-off and late pickup. You can select these during the enrollment process.

+ When is parent's night out?

Monthly - Select Fridays of the month, however eventually with popular demand, we would like to offer this every Friday.

6:00pm - 10:00pm EST

+ How much is each class?

After-school class is $400 for 5 weeks of instruction at 1 day per week. Each after-school class is 2 hours long.

Summer camp class is $500 for 1 week of instruction with 5 days of classes. Each summer camp class is 7 hours long, with extended care options as an added cost of $100 more bringing that total to 10 1/2 hours long.

Parent's Night Out is $50 per student for one session. Extended care is not available for these sessions.

If a course is canceled due to low enrollment, fees paid will towards the canceled class be refunded.

You can follow us on social media to recieve updates on when new classes and camps enrollment go live.

+ What happens after enrollment?

A Level Up Academy representative will be in contact with you via your email address to provide further instructions and will answer any additional questions you have.

+ How many students are allowed in a class?

Aftercare and Summer Camp programs accept up to 16 students per class on a first-come first-serve basis. We find this balances teamwork while allowing our development educators enough one-on-one time with each student.

For parents night out, we limit class size to 10 students.

Level Up Academy reserves the right to cancel classes that recieve low interest during the enrollment period. Any paid fees for cancelled classes will be returned to you.

+ Will classes be offered to Elementary School Students?

Not at this time, however we are always taking interest and feedback. If there is enough interest, then in time we may create a course for younger students.

Parent's Night Out is tailored to Elementary (ages 7-10) and Middle School (11-13) age ranges, and acts as an introduction to game development for our younger students.

+ How is my student's grade level determined when signing up when they are in-between grade levels

For summer camps and other similiar situations, your students grade level is based on the grade level they will be entering in the new school year.

For example, if your student just finished 5th grade, they would be eligible for our summer camp program as they would be entering 6th grade.

+ Is food and drink provided?

Level Up Academy does not allow food or drink in our classrooms in order to protect the sensitive equipment. Instead we have a recreation room available for student to eat, drink, and relax in that is right next to the classroom.

During after-school classes, you can bring your own food and drink, which can be eaten in the Level Up Academy recreation room and stored in the fridge.

For Summer camp students, our assistants will help your student order food ala-carte from local resturaunts at your expense, or you can choose to bring your own meals and store them in the recreation room fridge. Full menus with itemized costs will be available closer to the start of the summer camp program.

Parent's Night Out sessions do not provide food or snacks, however we do allow you to bring your own food and drink.

Water is always available, with Lemonade and Unsweetened Ice Tea added to the recreation room during summer camps, along with an assortment of snacks.

+ How does bathroom access work?

Level Up Academy students have access to a designated uni-sex bathroom at the Orlando Game Space. If needed they can access this bathroom at any time.

+ What will Level Up Academy do in case of an emergency?

During an emergency, Level Up Academy will call the provided guardian phone given during class enrollment and request pickup.

If the emergency is deemed life-threatening by staff then a 911 call and an ambulance or hospital pickup will be called at your expense.

+ How will you use our email information and photos taken of us?

Level Up Academy uses a classroom management system that rewards positive student behaviour with digital badges and points. These points can be spent in-class for fun rewards, such as changing the music playing in the background while students are working.

We also make use of student and guardian photos for advertising purposes on our website and marketing materials. Emails are sent out infrequently about upcoming curriculum and enrollment opportunities as well as for the development educator to have a way to keep in contact with the guardian and student.

Your email and photos are never sold or traded with any other company and are used only by Level Up Academy.

+ Where do I drop off and pick up my student?

Park at the Orlando Game Space parking lot located at 421 East Robinson Street Orlando FL 32801. Our front-door is attended to during drop off by a Level Up Academy assistant. Otherwise please ring the doorbell and our assistant will come to the door.

+ Can I drop off my student early?

Student drop off is allowed starting at 3:00pm EST for After-School. When you arrive please come to the front door of the Orlando Game Space building and the Level Up Academy assitant will greet you. Otherwise please ring the doorbell.

For summer camp, we have an early drop-off package that allows your student to either work in the classroom or relax in the recreation room before class begins.

Parent's Night Out does not currently have an extended care option available.

+ What if I need to pick up my student early?

Early dismissal is allowed. Please speak with the Level Up Academy assistant at the front door when you arrive. If no one is available, please ring the doorbell and assistant will be with your shortly.

+ Who is allowed to pickup my student?

Level Up Academy takes student security very seriously. Our guardian ID system assigns the individual that signed up and paid for the class as the primary guardian, which requires entering the primary guardian's drivers license.

Afterwards, additional guardians can be added by contacting our email and providing the additional guardians full name and drivers license information.

For convenience, you may add an additional guardian at the time of pickup, provided that we are able to check the drivers license ID of the individual picking up the student and perform a one-time phone call to the primary guardian to perform a confirmation. Please have your drivers license ready if this happens so we can confirm that we are speaking with the primary guardian.

Individuals that do not match the guardian system will not have the child released to them as part of our security protocol.

+ How does pickup procedure work?

Guardians are expected to pickup their students at 5:30pm EST during after-school classes.

During summer camp, you are expected to pick up your student at 6:00pm EST. There are late pickup options available for you if needed during enrollment.

For Parent's Night Out, you must pick up your student by 10:00pm EST. There are no extended care options available at this time for Parent's Night Out.

Please park in the Orlando Game Space parking lot and walk to the front door. Please form a line outside the door with the other guardians. Students are released to their guardians one a time so that we may check the guardians drivers license if needed.

+ What if I'm late to pickup my student?

There is a $35/hr late fee for picking up your student past 30 minutes past the normal pick up time. We understand that life happens, and will work any parent that is late on a one on one basis. Repeated tardies are where problems can occur.

Failure to pay for late fees may result in your student being removed from Level Up Academy without a refund. We will always try to work with you to figure out a solution if being late is a repeated problem before resorting to this last step.

+ What if my student breaks your equipment?

If it wasn't the students fault, or clearly was not your students intention, then more often then not there won't be any problem. We understand that electronics can break without anybody meaning for them to.

However if the destruction of Level Up Academy or Orlando Game Space property had malicious intent, we may require the guardian pay for the broken equipment before the student is allowed to attend further classes. In this worst case scenario, no refunds will be given if the guardian refuses to pay.

We will work with you to avoid these types of situations and try to find a better solution before resorting to this last step.

+ What if my student is injured?

While we take care to prevent injuries, and the nature of our program is safe, students and parents waive their rights to sue or pursue damages in the case of injury when enrolling.

+ What happens if there is a behavioural problem?

These scenarios will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Level Up Academy does reserve the right to no longer teach its students without refund due to behavioural problems. Level Up Academy will work with you to try to rectify the situation first before resorting to this last step solution.


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